Monday, May 18, 2009

Winnie the...poop?

Yesterday at the dog park Winnie found herself a nice pile of poop to roll on. Most of it ended up on her collar. The rest got on her neck and a bit on her back. People spent the rest of the evening calling her "Winnie the Poop".

Pooped and proud.

She earned herself a nice bath when we got home.

"How embarrassing"

"Aw jeez, Mom. Really?"

As for her poop-covered collar- it got rinsed off, then dunked in a bucket of water and shampoo.

Thankfully it seemed to work and it's as good as new!

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the homeopathic vet for Winnie's allergies. I really hope homeopathy works for her- I don't want to inject her with more Pred and rely on Medrol pills forever. Wish us luck!

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Diana I said...

LOL The things that our babies think are fun. This will be one of your precious memories. Good luck with homeopathy!!! I too don't feel comfortable with too much medication. Keep up the posts, I just found this blog a couple of weeks ago, it's great!

Diana R, (Nala & Cosmo's mom)