Saturday, May 30, 2009

Die Happy

Squirrels are the absolute bane of Winnie's existence. No, seriously.

I actually think they're kind of cute (except when they're dropping acorns on your head), but don't tell Winnie.

If she could catch a squirrel, I think she would die happy. Metaphorically, of course.

Squirrel patrol

What would make your pup "die happy"?


a corgi said...

cats and birds get Koda all the time and just tonight we saw a possum in our back area that had Koda going. any wildlife close to his backyard makes him unhappy!

cute pictures!


Kelly said...

haha, Gibson too! He loves chasing squirrels (and bunnies too, but those are scary for me since they can just run forever instead of climbing up the nearest tree!).

Honey the Great Dane said...

What's a squirrel? I don't think we have them here in New Zealand, although my humans tell me that we do have a furry thing in trees called a possum but I have never seen one as they only come out at night. My human says I couldn't catch anything anyway! :-)

Die happy? Hmm...I would die happy if I could just roll in a GIANT pile of rabbit poo!!!!!! (And not have my humans yelling at me and giving me the Scary Bath Thing afterwards!)

Honey the Great Dane