Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mission Squirrel: SUCCESS

Winnie has finally fulfilled her lifelong dream of catching a squirrel. Twice.

No joke!

On Thursday she actually caught a squirrel in the Arts Quad. In the squirrel's defense, it was either a) really really stupid or b) slightly injured and thus unable to run fast enough. It might've been a combo of both, since the squirrels here tend to be pretty smart about avoiding or not avoiding potential threats.

Anyway, Winnie managed to catch it. And then she let go...and started herding it!

Uh, yeah. She started herding the squirrel. This is where the whole "the squirrel is an idiot" comes into play- instead of just running up a nearby tree, the squirrel decided to instead run in circles. Winnie decided it would be fun to herd it and bark at it...*roll eyes*. After some time Winnie got bored with this squirrel who was making a half-ass attempt to run away. Eventually it just ran back up a tree.

Then on Friday night, we were back on the Arts Quad when it was really dark and slightly rainy. Winnie managed to find another squirrel, although I wonder if it was the same one from the day before, since it too was slow and slightly stupid.

Anyway, the gist of it is that Winnie caught a squirrel. Twice. And the squirrel(s) didn't die. Which I'm slightly relieved about. They are kind of cute. At least, when they're not dropping acorns on your head when you walk under a tree.

Today we had graduation for obedience class. Today was admittedly one of Winnie's worst obedience days. She broke her sit/stay and down/stay numerous times and her heeling was pretty bad. Despite that, she did better than the other dogs and scored a 1st place (and a nifty little trophy). Hah. Not too deserving since both she and the competition kind of sucked today, but who am I to complain? :P

We also showed off one of her tricks- backwards circles- and won a squeaky toy, which was promptly ripped just moments after we won it from her constant tugging.

She had a grand ole time running around the fenced-in agility arena during the post-graduation party. seems as though my pictures are finally uploading! Here are some pics of Winnie on the campus Arts Quad. I had planned to upload these earlier but wasn't able to until now:

Winnie at Ezra Cornell's statue. Some visiting tourists saw this and also wanted to take a picture of Winnie next to the statue for their friend who is a Corgi lover, lol!

Small dog, large campus

Sunday, October 11, 2009


For some odd reason, I'm unable to post new pictures on this blog. I took a couple pictures of our agility course today, as well as some pictures of Winnie running around the Quad. And I can't put up any of them, argh!

We'll have to make to without them, I suppose :(

Today was the 5th week of agility (technically our 4th, since I had to miss one class a few weeks ago). We are now doing all three contact obstacles (dog walk, A frame, teeter) at half-height and all the other obstacles (chute, tunnel, jumps, etc) except for the weave poles.

We are now doing short sequences of about 6-7 obstacles. Winnie is doing GREAT at her contacts. Ideally I would like to spend more time working on running contacts using the Sylvia Trkman method, but obviously I don't have that kind of time or resource at the moment! Still, she's showing wonderful enthusiasm and drive, as well as control, for all the obstacles. The only time she screws up is when I screw up with my handling (go figure) or she gets distracted by some treat that fell on the floor next to an obstacle.

Since I also volunteer as an instructor for obedience/agility at our local 4H club, I use the time to have some extra "solo" agility practice on Monday nights using their equipment. Last Monday I was able to work with Winnie on serpentines using lead-outs and changes of hand. I really want to try those jump box drills from Agility Nerd to improve my handling...

Boy, this is one boring post without any pictures. I should probably get back to studying. Sigh.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Miss September

A couple months ago Gibson's mom from Corgi Butts started a calendar photo contest in which we got to submit photos of our lovely Corgis to be selected for the 2010 calendar. I immediately sent it a gazillion photos of Winnie, and we were one of the lucky 12 to be chosen! You can see the other winners here. Winnie is Miss September!

Here is the winning photo:

I can't wait until our calendar arrives in the mail. A big congratulations to all the other winners! Your photos look GREAT :)