Saturday, May 16, 2009

Home sweet home

I'm finally home! A delayed flight and missed connection later, I'm back in beautiful California. My parents had to go to Vegas for the weekend (business/pleasure trip) the day I came home, so I get the house and car to myself for the entire weekend. Woo!

Winnie started doing zoomies when she saw me last night, it was so cute! She had this look on her face that said, "MOM? Is that you? OMGMOMSHOMELETSPLAY!" Then she proceeded to attack me with kisses.

I drove her to the dog park (read: my old high school's ginormous front lawn) this morning. Lots of running around, peeing, sniffing, and rolling. Good stuff.

Corgi pants

"They see me rollin'" exposure?

Winnie the...cow?

It'll be nice being a lazy bum in my parents' home for the next 2 weeks before I go back to Ithaca and work :)


Dances with Corgis said...

Very cute pictures, I love the bottom one of Winnie sniffing around :)

Emily Larlham said...

Winnie is gorgeous! Lovely pics!!!