Friday, May 29, 2009

Persimmon Tree

Winnie has recently discovered that the barely-fruiting persimmons from our persimmon tree are quite delicious. I found her nomming on the ones that had fallen to the ground.

They're still tiny and green (the ripe ones are orange and the size of a tomato) but still have that persimmon-y taste, as I found out when I smelled it.

Nom nom nom.

Bwahaha, the little pig is drooling while I make her Leave It.

My Evil Mom-ness makes her do silly things like this :)

Have fun with your pup(s)- it's almost summer!


a corgi said...

looks like a tasty treat she found!

enjoy the weekend :)


Aj said...

Just a little side note, I hear the seeds of the persimmon can cause intestinal problems.

Other than that, enjoy the fruit! :)

Esther said...

Hi Aj,

Thanks for the note! We'll def. keep that in mind and keep a close eye on our little pig :)

thequeenshelpers said...

In the fall in Arkansas, my corgis loved wild 'simmons as much as the possums do. Don't know if they are good for them but no problems were ever noticed. Seeds tend to pass without problems. Wild persimmons are mostly seeds. It always was a race to clear the yard of new fallen fruit before the pups could eat too many.