Friday, July 3, 2009


We have a little routine during the work week. I get up, eat breakfast, then take Winnie out to pee and run around for about 10-15 minutes. I then put Winnie in my room and leave for work. This has become so predictable that by the time I get my keys to leave I find Winnie already in my room, laying on my bed.

Before I even close the door to my room, she peeks outside to watch me leave. It's really amusing. A couple times I have closed the door to my room and then opened it again to see her staring out through the window even though I'm still in the house!

Funny dog, this one.

Does anyone have fun plans for the 4th of July weekend?


a corgi said...

she's so cute! they are creatures of routine I have come to find out; Koda can tell when we are getting ready to leave and he goes into his crate; even when we aren't going to leave if it was the time we were going to, he will go in there. he especially knows when its time to get up in the morning, except he's not adaptable for weekend schedules

we're going to a baseball game tomorrow that will have fireworks after the game; that's our big plans for the weekend



Joan said...

My girls are still pups but they are getting used to some routines. They know their crates are for quiet time and bedtime. They know when they hear the ice maker they are going to get an ice cube.

We are going to a 4th fest in Edmond, OK. They have a really good display there. I know our neighborhood will be loud while we are gone and I worry Zoe and Chloe will be scared. But taking them with us will be even worse. I sort of want to stay home.

Juel said...

Unfortunately i have to work :( i love reading your stories