Sunday, July 26, 2009

Because everyone needs a coat during the summer...

I hope everyone had a nice Saturday! It was super hot today. I took Winnie for a walk to the barn, and unfortunately it turns out that she's scared of horses. A total bummer since I love horses and riding. Looks like we've got some work to do with de-sensitizing her to them! I haven't been riding in a while, but once I start riding again she'll get to familiarize herself with the smell of horse-y boots and breeches.

During the afternoon we took the dogs to the dog park for some running and playing...

(Ava and Brandt went too, but I didn't get any pictures of them)

After the dog park we went back to our friend's house and made breakfast for dinner- Belgian waffles, chicken/apple sausages, and scrambled eggs. Nom!

It also turns out that our friend had once bought 2 horse-blanket-style winter coats for her dog Ava (who has really thin skin and gets cold easily). She bought them on clearance sale for $8 each at SmartPak Equine. Unfortunately, the 1st one is too small for Ava and the 2nd one is too big, so Ava can't use either of them.

We decided to have Winnie try the smaller one...

and whaddaya know, it fits perfectly!

We put the 2nd, bigger one on Juneau, and that one fits her nicely as well. Poor Ava got stuck with 0 coats in the end!

So today Winnie came home with a brand new Weatherbeeta winter dog coat. I'm really pleased at how well it fits her and the fact that it only costs $8! The coat retails for about $30 normally.

I had planned on getting her a horse blanket-style coat for the winter anyway (upstate-NY winters can get pretty darn harsh, and Winnie is only used to the CA weather), but this worked out perfectly in the end.

Winnie is now knocked out from a long day and I'm pretty tired myself. I have to get up early tomorrow to head to...

*drum roll*

...the Sterling Renaissance Festival! Yay!


a corgi said...

have fun tomorrow! sounds like fun! Winnie's "winter coat" looks cute. It will be interesting to see how she adapts to the New York winters. We got Koda from Georgia when he was 9 weeks old when we lived in Montana. He came to us in February and we had some cold weather in March; he was a trooper though adapting pretty good to the snow and ice. I was careful with him, not having him out too much in the cold weather, even as he grew. If we got below zero, we would limit our outside time. Of course Winnie is a bit smaller than Koda was after his puppy days.


Joan said...

I love Winnie's new coat!

Have fun at the festival. It looks like a a lot of fun. I hope you take Winnie and a bunch of pictures.