Monday, July 27, 2009

NomFest '09

Some highlights from the Sterling Renaissance Festival. Dogs weren't allowed on the festival grounds so Hansel's mom watched Winnie for the day.

Yes, we ate a lot.


Joan said...

Well, when you're at a fest if it isn't on a stick it isn't worth eating is it?

Looks like a yummy day.

a corgi said...

those cheese curds sound interesting!! good thing dogs weren't allowed; I could see Koda eating his way through this with us

sounds like you guys had a fun day


JulieandCaleb said...

Hi, I'm a fellow corgi lover, and I just wanted to say I love your blog! As for as your current post, I too am curious about cheese curds, I'll have to look for those at my next Ren Faire!


Anonymous said...

Oh I love the Renaissance Festival that comes here to Florida - looks like the same group.

I love your tri-colored corgi. We have the brown/red currently and I plan to next get a tri.

Came by way of The Senakams.