Monday, July 13, 2009

Agility nerd

I'm so excited! I was finally able to purchase a full set of 2x2 weave poles. To go with it, I got Susan Garrett's 2x2 weave training DVD and Susan Salo's Foundation Jumping DVD. I'm super disappointed that the beginning agility class got canceled this summer (not enough people who signed up), so I'm hoping to at least get a full start on clicker training the weave poles.

I'm going to set them up in my friend's (Juneau/Ava's mom) house- she has a huge backyard. She and Hansel's mom are willing to buy a few jumps and a tunnel as well so that we can make a non-contact agility course in the backyard- sweet!

It'll take a while for the actual poles to arrive (I ordered them from a separate vendor). In the meantime, I'll be doing some serious DVD-watching!


Laura said...

ooh I am so jealous!!! I really want to get her 2x2dvd and do that method with my dogs. So far we have a channel in the backyard, but we've been doing some 2x2 in class and I think it'll help a ton with entries!

I also very much need to work on the dogs' jumpwork and that book has been on my wish list for a long time...

Have fun and keep us posted!

a corgi said...

I'm thinking you and Winnie are so going to enjoy this!