Monday, August 3, 2009

A whack at grooming

Today our trip to the Ithaca Farmer's Market got cut short when Hansel's mom got called in to do an optho surgery (she's currently doing a rotation in anesthesia). She had been hoping not get called in, but alas, she did! I ended up watching Hansel for most of the day.

At one point I got really bored and noticed that Hansel's paws were getting hairy. And when I say hairy, I mean really hairy!

I decided to take my first whack at grooming and started trimming his paw fur with a pair of scissors (I didn't have electric clippers on hand). Hansel's so unfrazzled by anything and everything that I can literally do whatever I want to him and he'll just lay there. Talk about a ragdoll!

For my first time at "grooming", I have to say I did a pretty decent job! His feet are now nice and trimmed. It's obviously not the job of a professional groomer, but I did work for free ;)

Front paws are done, back paws (which I'm holding) have been untouched

Hansel models his clean paws.

Winnie preferred to keep herself away from my scissors. She fell asleep by the window...

Hansel's mom got a nice surprise when she came by to pick him up later this evening. Yay!


a corgi said...

you did great for your first attempt!! and I'm glad Hansel was so cooperative!

enjoy your week ahead


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Good job! Hansel's paws were definitely in need of a trim!

Joan said...

Wow! Good work there! Hansel looks proud of his nicely trimmed paws.

Mia Bella said...

Very nice work, Esther! It really helps a lot when they actually sit still. Mia's feet are looking very Grinch-y right now but I don't feel like fighting her about it for the time being.

ocmist said...

Hansel has very nice feet now, thanks to you! I will take most any kind of grooming, BUT I HATE having my feet fooled with because, when I was little a BAD V-E-T trimmed me way to close and made all my nails bleed. Mom never took me back to that one, and was really mad, but Corgi's have LONG memories...:( OC