Friday, August 7, 2009

Bitten by the bug

I've been bitten by the bug.

The "I-want-a-second-dog" bug.

One side of me is telling me that I shouldn't get a second dog when I need to concentrate on my schoolwork.

The other side is saying that another adult dog wouldn't be too much of a change, and it would be good for both him (I want a male) and Winnie.



Kelly said...

It would be too much fun, wouldn't it?? But the practical side of me thinks it's not a good idea right now :( Maybe it could be a gift to yourself when you graduate??

BluAussieGal said...
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BluAussieGal said...

I understand I'm fighting the "I want a second aussie" bug and it is a hard battle that I find myself sometimes slipping. My only voice of reason has been that Chase isn't as far along in his training (Agility,Herding,Rally) as I'd like him to be and it seems unfar to add a puppy into the mix.

ocmist said...

Several Corgis are fun, but they can also be a handful! I think it would be hard to continue training Winnie AND doing schoolwork AND have the time for another dog. Also, if you are going to get a grown male, will he be neutered or do you plan to breed eventually? If he is neutered, that wouldn't be to bad, but full males are a bit more tempermental, and majorly stubborn in my experience. Make SURE he is housebroken because full males have a BIG tendency to mark things when they come to a new place. Just a few things to think about when making an informed decision. Linda from Country Corgis

Laura said...

Awww! But I agree with Kelly, it would just be too much fun! And besides, do you really have room on the couch for 2 corgis to snuggle with you? :)

a corgi said...

that would be so neat, Esther, but I have to agree with the others; I think you need to concentrate on schooling/schoolwork for this season of your life and then like Kelly said, maybe another dog would be an excellent graduation gift!

(but I know what you mean because I'd like another corgi too, assuming we could since we are renting, and then obviously the matter that Koda doesn't like other dogs)