Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And so the year begins

Classes finally start tomorrow! It's kind of bittersweet. The nerdy part of me makes me happy that I'll finally be doing something productive now (it's been a lazy 2 weeks in the boss is on vacation, heh), but the other side of me knows I'll actually have to start studying soon, LOL!

Wally is doing well; he loves his time outside of his cage and he and Winnie are getting along just fine.

I've learned that rabbits like to do five things:

1) Chew
2) Dig
3) Hide
4) Toss
5) Scratch

The great thing about rabbits is that it's so easy to keep the entertained- in a very cheap way, no less! All you really need is a cardboard box and some scissors. You can cut a hole in it to make a burrow, stuff it with hay/shredded/paper, or just let them chew it or toss it. You can't get cheaper than that!

Wally is personally not a big fan of digging or tossing items, but he definitely loves to chew and eat his hay! I made a little hay box for him today. I took a regular cardboard box and cut little shapes on each side, then stuffed it with hay. He enjoys pulling it all out and making a big mess in the living room, haha.

I also used a small cardboard box (originally containing modeling kit materials) that came with my organic chemistry book set. Who knew organic chemistry could actually be useful? Hah!

In non-rabbit related news, Winnie is becoming a little star on campus. Almost everywhere I walk, people ooh and ahh over my little Corgi, haha. I think Winnie reminds a lot of students of their own dogs and pets back at home. Sometimes it's just nice to see a furry face amidst all the stress of studying and exams! Tonight there was an event out in the Arts Quad, and Winnie got quite a few belly rubs and ear scratches from a few freshmen.

We're both settling into our new apartment well. I think I'm finally starting to feel more at "home", if you know what I mean!

I'm also very excited to finally enroll in agility classes this fall. Now that summer is over, a new set of obedience/agility classes will take place. We'll be in both beginning obedience and beginning agility (you have to take obedience if you want to take agility- their policy!).


a corgi said...

I loved the picture of Winnie and Wally; so very cute!! I envy you having a dog that gets along with other animals

good luck with your classes! I'm sure you will excel and do great!

I am not surprised Winnie is a "hit" on campus! she is sooo darn cute! glad she's there with you!


Angela said...

Wally and Winnie are sooo cute together! I really can't believe they are getting along that well. I'm just not sure if my corgi would be that nice. I know my other dog wouldn't be!

Your Winnie has the same skunk stripe down the back of her head like my Jazz! Isn't that just the cutest thing! Winnie's is a little bigger looking than Jazz's.

Hope your classes go well!


Dozer and Coop said...

Great pictures!