Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We're here!

We're finally here! Even though this isn't technically her first trip on a plane (it's her second), she did really well- she only barked twice while we were waiting at the gate for the ride from LAX to Newark.

Sunrise in Newark, taken from the plane

At the food court; Newark airport

During the connection from Newark to Ithaca Winnie got a bit stressed because it's a tiny propellor plane (only 9 seats!) and makes a lot more noise/vibrations. Thankfully it's only a 1 hr ride to Ithaca.

Landing in Ithaca.

Outside of Ithaca Regional Airport, stretching and rolling

When we got to our sublet we both crashed for about 4 hours. The little pig wouldn't sleep on the dog bed that my mom had bought her as a going-away present.

Ungrateful, much? LOL!

I felt bad about her sleeping on the carpet (even though it was technically her choice, LOL) so I let her on the bed, an offer which she very happily accepted.

Knocked out.

I feel bad that I'm already starting work tomorrow, but I have a feeling she'll just sleep all day.


Infrared Goggles said...

Adorable! Wonderful blog, I added you to our reads at IG Photography, or Teggie's Place, as it is better known. :)


Kelly said...

How cute! Did she get to ride in the cabin with you??

a corgi said...

wow, Winnie was actually with you on the plane and not in the luggage compartment downstairs? That is neat, if that was the case, I'm sure that helped her not be as frightened as she could have been

so glad you arrived safe and sound!!

so like a corgi not to appreciate the finer gifts from home(dog bed), but sometimes when Koda gets too hot he'll jump off our bed (yes he's spoiled) and sleep on the carpet or bathroom floor.

I bet you are glad to be settling in and having Winnie with you :)


Laura said...

It looks like she settled in quickly :)

Honey the Great Dane said...

Wow - I didn't realise dogs were allowed to travel with their humans in the cabin...how cool is that?! Did you have to stay in a special cage, Winnie? Did you get inflight meals? Hee! Hee!

Why don't you like your bed? It looks great! And why are you moving from California to Ithaca? I'm confused!! I read that your human is learning stuff at a place called "college" but are you allowed to live there with her too?

Honey the Great Dane