Saturday, June 6, 2009

Battle of the Bullystick

Winnie and Hansel are just so freaking cute together. No, seriously. They both have very similar play-styles. Plus, they look alike. LOL.

Hansel has this habit of stealing other dogs' chews and toys. He has come to LOVE the bullysticks that I have at my place. He spent the afternoon (actually, still spending...he's still here as of right now) with Winnie. I took out another, brand new bullystick so that each dog could have one bulystick. The older one's shorter, but stinkier and thicker.

At first, things started out well, with each dog taking their respective bullysticks...

And then Hansel decided that he wanted what Winnie had, so he employed a clever strategy in which he enticed Winnie to play with a toy. As soon as Winnie took interest in the toy, Hansel stole Winnie's bullystick.

Being a good sport, Winnie took the other one.

But of course, Hansel then decided that he wanted what Winnie had...again. This time his new strategy was to just...bark.

Winnie decided that this was NOT acceptable. Wrestling was the best way to solve this.

And so the afternoon passed, with the dogs switching off their chews and doing a lot of playing in between. They seem to have reached a nice compromise, with Hansel's barking as a signal that it's time to switch chews.

Racing up the stairs

I love seeing Winnie do so well with a playmate inside the house, not just at the park or outside. I'm so glad that she'll have Hansel to keep her company this summer :) It makes me feel less guilty that I'm working full-time, LOL!

I'm thinking of doing a bit of fostering here and there (when I can...most likely during my school breaks) sometime in the next couple of years. It'll be good for both Winnie and me, since I won't be getting a permanent dog anytime soon (not for another several years, at least!).

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Mia Bella said...


a corgi said...

just like siblings fighting over the same toy; too cute!! fostering sounds like a great idea!!!


Honey the Great Dane said...

I've never had a bully stick and I'm very jealous coz I always hear other doggies raving about them...but we don't have them here in New Zealand and the Customs people don't let us bring them from outside either!! Humph!

Honey the Great Dane

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

So great to see that they play so well together! And their behavior of wanting each others' treats just confirm one point- the grass is always greener on the other side! Bryson and Picasso does the same thing too... i.e. a toy isn't attractive until the other plays with it :D