Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Totally MIA

Hey guys! So sorry this blog has been dead for a while. School got nasty :(

It finally started snowing this past week. It's been a pretty warm winter overall (thanks, global warming!). Winnie got to experience her first real snowfall! She has been to Big Bear before (a ski resort in Southern CA) but it doesn't really count because it's mostly man-made snow :) She's never experienced the real thing before!

Note the snow and ice stuck on her chin/whiskers :)

It's been a crazy fall semester. I realized that I've been in 6 different states this past month! NY (where I'm now, obviously), NJ, CT, MA, MD, and PA. And they've all been horse-related, hah. This past week has been insane --> FINALS WEEK. Ugh. I have my last final on Thursday and I'm going home, YAY!

Winnie will be staying here in Ithaca with my friend and the entire pack- Ava, Hansel/Juneau (the Shelties), and Brandt- remember them from this summer? :) I hate to leave her here, but she'll be a lot happier staying here rather than flying back and forth from NY to CA. I know she'll have a good time- it's me who'll miss her! We won't be able to spend Christmas together :( Thankfully I'll only be going home for 3 weeks. I'm so ready to actually get a full night's sleep!

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL holiday break :)

Some pictures for your viewing pleasure...

Pig on a pig

O hai. I can haz a treat?


Whosyergurl said...

ENJOY your break!
LOVE your photos..pig on pig...giggle and can I haz cheezburgur for dags!
Holiday hugs,
Cheryl in IN

That corgi :) said...

she's in good hands, but I know you will miss her while you are gone! and I know she'll miss you. You'll have to bring home a little treat for her when you come back to Ithaca

Merry Christmas and safe travels!

loved all your pictures


Its ME said...

doggie life is easier than humanize one though, i think so. enjoy winnie the pooh? have a healthy new year too you folks out there, wishes from Singapore island,
dedication to you winnie see